Metal Workpieces Suitable for Completion on CNC Machine Tools

2019-09-07 Yixin Precision Metal and Plastic Ltd

With the development of industry, various materials with high strength, high hardness, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance are increasingly used in the metalworking industry. Such as high-strength steel, large hard gear, copper sleeve parts, etc.

I. Parts Applicable to NC Machine Tool Cutting Process

(1) many varieties of small and medium batch parts

When numerically controlled machine tools complete small batches and single pieces, it is optional to shorten the process time.

(2) parts with high precision requirements

The numerical control machine tool has good rigidity, high manufacturing precision, accurate tool setting and convenient size compensation, so it can complete parts with high size precision requirements.

(3) parts with small surface roughness value

The surface roughness depends on the cutting speed and the feed speed when the material of the workpiece and the cutter, the precision allowance and the cutter angle are fixed. The same linear velocity can be used for end surfaces and excircles with different diameters to ensure that the surface roughness values are small and consistent. For surfaces with different surface roughness, the surface with small roughness shall be given a small feed speed, while the surface with large roughness shall be given a larger feed speed.

(4) parts with complex shapes

Any curve can be approximated by straight line or arc. CNC machine tools have arc interpolation function and can be used for various complicated parts.

These are the types of workpieces that are suitable to be completed on numerical control machine tools. In actual cutting, it is necessary to continuously combine workpieces, working conditions, tools, equipment, etc. to obtain the appropriate process of workpieces.

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