Classification and Process of Metal Drawing Process

2022-02-23 Yixin Precision Metal and Plastic Ltd

Metal drawing is a deformation process in which an external force acts on one end of the drawn metal to pull the metal blank out of a die hole smaller than the cross section of the blank to obtain products with corresponding shapes and sizes. In the metalworking manufacturing industry, most pipe operations need to go through a drawing process. The use of special drawing oil in the drawing process of metal pipes can reduce mechanical strength and improve drawing speed and quality. The following Yixin Precision Metal and Plastic Ltd briefly introduces the types of metal drawing processes:

I. Classification of Drawing Processes

(1) Classification according to the type of raw materials for drawing workpieces includes wire drawing, bar drawing, profile drawing and pipe drawing. Wire drawing is mainly used for various metal wires. Drawing bar stock can have various cross-sectional shapes, such as round, square, rectangular, hexagonal, etc. Profile drawing is mostly used for special-shaped profiles with special or complex cross sections. Pipe drawing is mainly round pipe, but also oval pipe, rectangular pipe and other cross-sectional pipe can be drawn.

(2) According to the classification of drawing lubricating materials, it can be divided into dry drawing and oil drawing. Dry drawing uses drawing powder as lubricant, which is mainly used for drawing wires with low appearance requirements and low drawing speed. Oil drawing uses special drawing oil as lubricant, which is mainly used for drawing bright silk with high surface quality requirements, and is characterized by good lubrication and cooling and fast drawing speed.

(4) According to the drawing speed of the equipment, it can be classified into medium and low speed drawing and high speed drawing. With the improvement of the technological level, the medium and low speed drawing rate is also continuously improving.

(5) According to the drawing materials, there are low carbon steel, medium carbon steel, high carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum and other materials drawn.

Second, the drawing process flow

The metal drawing process is carried out on a metal sheet drawing machine. In metal drawing or drawing, metal sheet or blank is drawn through a drawing die. Usually cylindrical or box-shaped parts formed by drawing or deep drawing, such as containers of various shapes and sizes such as beverage cans, barrel-shaped parts, butterfly-shaped parts and mobile phone housings. Take drawing a metal steel pipe as an example, the process flow is as follows: sharpening, degreasing and derusting, water washing, phosphating, soaking drawing oil, drying, drawing, cutting, etc.

The above is the purpose and classification of metal drawing process. Selecting metal drawing oil corresponding to working conditions can improve efficiency and quality.

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