Formulation of Cutting Process for CNC Machine Tools

2022-02-23 Yixin Precision Metal and Plastic Ltd

The appearance of numerical control machine tool is a great progress in industry. It can better solve complicated, precise, small batch and changeable parts manufacturing problems. It is a flexible and efficient automatic machine tool. When cutting with numerical control machine tools, process analysis must be carried out first. According to the material, shape and precision of the workpiece, appropriate machine tools shall be selected and plans shall be formulated to determine the sequence of parts, tools, clamps and cutting oil used in each process, etc. The following is a brief introduction to the formulation of the cutting process of the NC machine tool:

First, the analysis of numerical control cutting technology

(1) The dimension given on the part drawing shall conform to the principle of programming

The dimensioning method on the part drawing shall adapt to the characteristics of the numerical control process, and the dimension shall be quoted on the part drawing with the same reference or directly given. This marking method is not only convenient for programming, but also for the mutual coordination between dimensions, which brings great convenience in keeping the consistency between process reference and programming origin.

(2) The geometric elements constituting the parts shall be sufficient

Base points or nodes should be calculated during programming. In automatic programming, all geometric elements that make up a part are defined. Therefore, when analyzing part drawings, it is necessary to analyze whether the given geometric elements are sufficient.

Second, the determination of numerical control cutting technology

(1) Selection of process methods

The selection principle of process method is to ensure the requirements of surface accuracy and surface roughness. Since there are many methods to obtain the same level of precision and surface roughness, it is necessary to consider the shape, size and heat treatment of parts in actual selection.

(2) the principle of scheme determination

More precise surfaces on parts are often achieved step by step through rough, semi-precision and precision work. It is not enough to select the corresponding final method for these surfaces only according to the quality requirements, but also to correctly determine the plan from blank to final forming.

The above is a plan for the cutting process of common numerical control machine tools. In actual cutting, various factors such as workpieces, working conditions, tools and equipment need to be continuously considered comprehensively.

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