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2022-02-22 Yixin Precision Metal and Plastic Ltd

Tapping machines are widely used in drilling and tapping of porous parts in the mechanical industry, with high workpiece precision and fast manufacturing speed. However, due to the different states of each tap, a large amount of waste is caused by workpiece scrap caused by abrasion and fracture of individual taps. Therefore, it is necessary to master the causes and solutions of the tapping machine failure. The following Yixin Precision Metal and Plastic Ltd will briefly introduce the usage of the tapping machine:

First, the use of tapping machine

(1) to adjust the tapping machine equipment to the lowest speed. Tapping at a lower speed is not easy to destroy the tap.

(2) When tapping, the left hand rests on the spindle and the right hand holds the forward and reverse handles of the drilling machine. When tapping, the left hand applies force to strengthen the tapping force. After tapping, the left hand only needs to hold the handle. When the workpiece tapping is completed, start to reverse the handle, so it is not easy to damage the tap.

(3) Tapping speed should be selected according to different materials. For example, high speed can be selected for copper and aluminum, and low speed is preferred for steel and iron materials.  Special tapping oil shall be used for heat dissipation of materials with high hardness. Stop the equipment when the temperature of the drill bit is too high to prevent the equipment tap from breaking.

Second, the tapping machine failure reason

(1) The tap is worn, the cutting edge is passivated, and the tapping torque is constantly increasing. If the tap is not withdrawn in time to a certain extent, the tap will break.

(2) In the tapping process, chips block the tap, and the additional tapping torque increases sharply. If chips cannot be further discharged, the tap will not reverse and withdraw, and the tap will break due to excessive torque.

(3) The hardness of the workpiece material is uneven, and hard grains appear locally. When the tap meets, the torque increases. If the tapping torque exceeds a certain value, the tap needs to be reversed to exit, otherwise the tap is broken. Under normal circumstances, the tap can break through this part of material to continue tapping.

(4) The tapping torque is larger than normal due to the mistake of tapping technology, which leads to the abrasion and fracture of tap.

Three, tapping machine solution

(1) The reason why the tap wears too fast is mostly due to the excessive hardness of the material and the insufficient extreme pressure and wear resistance of the tapping oil. The solution is to replace the tap with higher hardness or choose special tapping oil.

(2) The problem that the workpiece precision is not high and the tap is seriously worn or even fractured due to incorrect tapping process. The process plan should be revised in time and the process parameters should be adjusted to reduce the tap load.

(3) Tap fracture due to uneven workpiece material. The solution is to reduce the tapping speed and reduce the impact of taps caused by uneven workpiece materials. In addition, the workpiece raw materials meeting the standards shall be selected.

Common faults of tapping machine can be divided into tap wear, chip blockage, uneven material hardness, tapping process errors and other fault types. Effective judgment of tapping machine faults can improve tapping quality and efficiency.

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