Analysis of Process Flow for Aluminum Alloy Die Castings

2022-02-26 Yixin Precision Metal and Plastic Ltd

Aluminum die casting can be used for aluminum die casting automobile parts, aluminum die casting automobile engine parts, aluminum die casting, engine cylinder aluminum die casting cylinder, aluminum die casting valve rocker arm, aluminum die casting valve bearing, aluminum die casting power parts, aluminum die casting motor end cap, aluminum die casting, aluminum die casting shell, aluminum die casting building parts, aluminum die casting parts, aluminum die casting guardrail parts, aluminum die casting aluminum wheels, etc.

Stainless steel balls are widely used in non-ferrous metal die casting, casting, aluminum profiles, auto parts, machinery manufacturing, hardware, pump valve industry surface treatment. It mainly focuses on the surface oxidation, edge surface burr, rough surface, matte fruit, leveling and strengthening, rust removal and other aspects of the product. Stainless steel ball is commonly known as stainless steel wire pellet cutting, wire drawing, cutting, polishing and other refining processes. It has bright and rust-free appearance and is spherical (pellet cutting, cylindrical). Stainless steel balls are moderate in hardness, pure in composition and large in coverage, because they have no defects such as air holes and abnormalities of common cast steel balls, and have a long service life. The performance of this product can replace completely imported products, but the price is much lower than that of imported products, thus saving costs for customers. The surface of the castings treated with stainless steel particles is smooth and antirust, and no post-treatment such as pickling is required, which is beneficial to environmental protection. You can choose pre-polished round cutting balls or unpolished cutting balls, two products with different shapes.

Process flow

The four basic processes of die casting aluminum industry are annealing, normalizing, quenching and tempering, which are called "four fires" in die casting. During die casting, quenching and tempering are closely related and both are indispensable.

It is understood that annealing is to heat the workpiece to an appropriate temperature. According to the selection of different materials, die casting is slow cooling, and the internal structure of the metal is nearly balanced. Normalization is to heat the workpiece to an appropriate temperature and cool it in air. It is mainly used to improve the cutting function of materials and can also be used for finishing die casting of some parts that do not need high temperature. Quenching is to heat and heat the workpiece. In water or other inorganic salt solution quenching medium, the workpiece is rapidly cooled. Through this process, the produced steel will be hard, but it will also make the steel brittle. In order to reduce the brittleness of steel sheets, hardened steel pieces can be placed below 650 degrees Celsius for a long time, above a certain temperature, and then cooled, which is called tempering.

The application of aluminum die casting aluminum and aluminum alloy has good fluidity and plasticity, so that various shapes can be complicated, die casting is difficult to use, aluminum alloy and aluminum alloy castings have higher precision and surface finish, greatly reduce casting machining capability, greatly reduce labor intensity, and save electric power and metal materials.  Due to its high quality inside and outside, aluminum die casting has been widely used in automobile manufacturing, internal combustion engine manufacturing, motorcycle manufacturing, motor manufacturing, transmission machinery manufacturing, precision instruments, landscaping, power construction and other industries. Die casting industry has become a new hot spot

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