Casting Process of 3D Printing Wax Mold

2022-02-25 Yixin Precision Metal and Plastic Ltd

When customizing parts, we always hope that the shorter the time is, the better. Today, Yixin Precision Metal and Plastic Ltd will introduce a good method to everyone. That is 3D printing wax pattern casting various parts.

The 3D printing wax pattern introduces greater agility, flexibility and cost-effectiveness to the investment casting process without changing the standard casting process.

3D Printing Wax Mold Standard Casting Process

After receiving the customer's digital file, send the file to print, and the printed prototype can be planted with wax trees, then the prototype is hung with slurry, and then put into a heating furnace for dewaxing. Permeable investment casting shells are used, thus allowing wax for investment casting to flow away through the shells.

After dewaxing, they are put into a preparation furnace for preheating before pouring. Once the metal is poured, it is cooled, and the shell is removed and separated from the wax tree.


Reduce the casting order to delivery time from 6-12 weeks to 2-5 days.

Make the same part have many cost-effective iterations to obtain a better final product.

Expand the customer base by delivering components faster and more cost-effectively

New opportunities for small batch production casting.

Advantages of 3D Printing Wax Mold Casting;

1. Casting speed and flexibility

The ability to make final castings without the use of molds enables the company's customers to quickly and inexpensively iterate tests many times, ultimately enabling them to obtain better final parts.

2. No mold is needed to make the final casting parts, thus saving time and economic cost.

Help them reduce the production time in the investment casting process. "Most of the time, we can convert the model into metal parts within 2-5 days." The previous average delivery time was about 6-12 weeks. The ability to quickly deliver high-quality cast parts distinguishes Company I from traditional casting plants and provides their customers with a high-quality service experience.

It only took 2-5 days for 3D printing to obtain the model and casting.

In addition to excellent production speed and economical prototyping cost, 3D printing is also an important reason for customers to favor high quality components.

The above is the analysis on the casting process of 3D printing wax pattern introduced by the 3D printing factory of Wukong Printing House. I hope you like it.

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